Jobs Driven Economy

71% percent of all jobs in the USA will require STEM skills by 2018. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math …….. are at the heart of this 21st century jobs driven economy. This reality is changing the way Industry is recruiting to fill their jobs. Industry is partnering with education, government and community organizations to develop strategies to focus on bridging these skill gaps and for the first time ……. actually working together as a “Team.”

Exposing high school students/adult students to hands-on skills experiences is necessary to develop competencies and attributes that Industry is looking for today. Industry is promoting student internships, apprenticeships programs to give students the opportunity to work and develop the skills needed for today’s jobs. Collaborative stakeholders …… i.e. education, academic institutions, Industry, government agencies, must form a plan for workforce development. The prosperity and global competitiveness of our economies are at stake and we must act now. Here at RAMTEC ……. ( a state-of-the-art training facility in Marion, Ohio ), we have initiated these workforce entities. Ohio  ……. we are a leader and a driving  force that does not intend to be left behind.

By Mark Edington, National Certified Robotic Instructor for RAMTECOhio, Marion