RAMTEC Ohio to present in Dallas

RAMTEC Ohio will be presenting “How RAMTEC Ohio Developed an Industrial Training Partnership with Seven Billion Dollar Corporate Partners” in Dallas at the National Career Pathways Network.

The RAMTEC Center in Marion, Ohio, created a training program that developed a collaboration of nine schools and spent three years developing industrial training programs that help engage, recruit and award industrial credentials to high school and college students and adult workers.

Ritch Ramey, RAMTEC Coordinator, said, ” In this presentation our staff/partners will share ways to develop training partnerships and programs. We will also discuss industrial training programs and discounted equipment and software now available to schools, colleges, and adult education providers. Also presenting with Ramey, will be Mark Edington, RAMTEC Instructor; Bob Graff, Yaskawa Motoman, Miamisburg, OH; and Tad Douce, META Solutions, Marion, OH. They present  Thursday, Oct. 29 in Dallas at National Career Pathways Network. The Dallas Convention Center is sold out!